Why choose wedding videography?

So you are right in the midst of planning your wedding… 

Looking for that perfect dress, deciding on the menu, cake and venue options when you suddenly find yourself wondering about videography!


Maybe you saw a beautiful wedding video on YouTube or another bride suggested videography to you..


You already know that your photography is such an important part of your wedding day, but you wonder if you already have pictures then why do you need a wedding video?


Well if this sounds like you then please read on!


Here at Breindahl Films we are passionate about videography.

We believe it's one of the most beautiful ways to tell a story!


We ask our couples to picture this…

Imagine years from now when you may have great-grandchildren or even great - great grandchildren, they have seen pictures of you around the house but they wonder what were you like. What did you like to do? Talk about? How did you laugh?


And then they find an old video that is full of sweet words from a couple who were dancing, singing and laughing together on their wedding day! Who loved adventure and wanted to keep their memories for many years to come through a simple yet beautiful wedding video!


Or maybe…

You have some family members or friends who are unable to make the wedding for various reasons then a video is the perfect way to capture a moment as if they were there themselves.

We love the idea that through our videos these memories will be around for a long time!


Still not sure if videography is for you? 

Take a look at what our past couples have said..


Marina & Andrew

“You guys all did an amazing job, we are so happy, the video was also so well put together, capturing all the precious moments we want to remember, with beautiful footage,

Marina & I want to Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts, we are so grateful to you.”

Marvel & Alistair

“Our wedding day will always be special for us, full of precious moments that we will treasure forever. Having these moments captured in video is a gift we can never repay.”  

Daria & Thomas

“What a beautiful video! So precious to have a movie of a day with so many memories.

Extra precious because so many people who were not there can taste and see so much of that day!”

So there you have it! 

Would you like to discuss your wedding day with us?