What to expect from your videographer?  (hopefully us!)

So unless you are really into instagram or youtube, it's probably safe to say you haven't spent much time in front of a video camera and now on one of the most important days of your life you want to be filmed!


So what should you expect from your videographer? How do you act?


Here are Breindahl Films we love to create films from natural authentic moments, nothing to staged or dramatic.


So from us as your videographer you can expect to barely see us (with the exception of your preparation and romantic photo shoot). So you won't see us running down the aisle after you with huge cameras or standing really close as you say your I Do’s.

We like to step back and not interrupt your special day whilst still getting all the amazing footage needed for your final video.


The exceptions are that usually the preparations are in a much smaller space and sometimes we may need close ups of certain shots such as; your dress, rings etc.


Now for the romantic shoot (very important) we believe that what makes a wedding video so incredible is the movement and emotion shown through you interacting with your spouse!

So during your romantic photo shoot we love to take a few minutes in each location (once your photographer is done) and just give you some small directions (very small!) to bring out those real emotions and movement! 


This is so crucial for creating those beautiful moments you may have seen in our wedding videos.


Lastly .. the big question is 

How should you act?


Naturally..Of Course! 

We want you to be 100% yourself and let us capture that to create your wedding film. 

We love all the weird yet wonderful moments and the beauty in the most authentic you! 

So what are you waiting for?